The not so humble Bollard


In the past, a bollard was a more flimsy affair, which would collapse under the pressure of a car. Now they have been beefed up and capable of withstanding a truck speeding towards them. Meaning their use as a deterrent is now a serious one.

Retractable bollard

There are a variety of ways in which a retractable bollard is used. Such as enhancing security on existing gates. Access points for buses and taxis through city centres. They sink into their housing automatically as the vehicle and its transponder signals the approach. Increasingly, local authorities have also needed to install barriers to section off parts of the town centres to traffic. Here again the bollard can stand proud and deter vehicular assess on market days, or retract to allow normal traffic flow through.

Use in car parks and driveways has deterred motor theft and restricted overnight camping. Indeed the Cambridge University library has made their bollards into a form of art, with sculptures in the form of a stack of books.

CUL bollard

Cambridge University Library Bollard

Bollards shield the corners of a building, when you have forklifts and delivery vehicles backing up to load/unload. They are also delineate pathways and cycle paths.

With the rise of recent terror attacks with trucks in Nice and Berlin, the risk of a similar event in the UK increases. Now is the time to take stock of your premises and assess the risks of terror attacks or similar types of ram-raid. The video we uploaded to our You-tube channel demonstrates the use of retractable bollards in stopping a speeding truck.

Different types of Bollard

Securing your home or commercial premises has never been easier, with a number of bollards to choice from. Starting with ones that simply lock into place. to the fancy automated retractable bollards.In different heights and diameters. They can be removable, collapsible, retractable or permanent. Bollards are made with powder coated stainless steel,and so are durable and damage resistant. Some bollards can have solar panels in. These will then give off light at night. If you need something to just give a little nudge to a vehicle in a car park, then you can use rebounding bollards.

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