January 10, 2017

Tyne & Wear

Automation & Security provide commercial perimeter security solutions throughout Tyne & Wear and the North East. Whether it’s electric gates, security barriers or bollards, get in touch.

Wither over 20 years’ experience of supplying, delivering, installing and maintenance, it’s no wonder why they are the premier choice for security systems.

Electric Gates

Automation & Security are experts in gate automation. Whatever your needs they can provide a wide range of electric gates including cantilever or sliding gates. Adding to this access control and you have complete peace of mind on unauthorised access to your premises in Tyne & Wear. It all starts with a site visit and survey to plan the solution to your security needs.


Security barriers act a as great way to prevent authorised to access to your car park or premises. Arm barriers are one of the most popular ways to manage traffic flow and are suited to a wide range of industries including those with premises located near shopping centres where unauthorised parking may be an issue. These can come in either manual or automatic solutions and with added access control these can be linked up to an employee database giving complete automation in Tyne & Wear.


Bollards are a great deterrent when premises are at risk of ram raid or for security sensitive areas (airports, banks, shopping centres etc.). When activated the security bollards make it impossible for any vehicle to pass through them whilst being unobtrusive whilst retracted. With a variety of finishes and colours are available, you can be rest assured of choosing a product that will suit your demand or budget.


With the recent increase of terrorist acts across the world, companies are looking for high impact security solutions. The latest publicly available specification for vehicle security barriers that can withstand a high impact is PAS68. This covers barriers that are hit from a single horizontal impact. We can provide a wide range of security solutions for premises that may be of risk of ram raid.

Flood Defence Gates

With the change in the British weather recently, some businesses have faced the destruction floods can cause to both business premises and operations. We provide flood defence barriers, gates and systems to withstand flood water and debris.

So if your current security solutions in Tyne & Wear could do with a review or if you are after a particular security system get in touch now via either our contact us page or call us on 0191 456 3399