Top tips to secure your premises

As a business, one of your top priorities will be to secure yourself and your property. A surprising number of crimes are offences against businesses; around 20% is the current figure. Our top tips for improving security would be:

Use Lighting:

External lighting can be used to great effect, and can be both decorative and with security in mind. However, be sure that it is not in a position to aid the burglar, finding their way around. Lighting can also assist safety, especially as the nights draw in. It will keep pathways visible and car-parks will be safer to manoeuvre.

Install CCTV:

This is often the first item on the list when considering security. Nowadays though, the, would-be thief, is all too aware of cameras, and will try to cover their tracks by destroying them. Install them high up and multiple cameras to cover sensitive areas.  Another tip is to cage them or hide them. Decoy cameras can also help trick the thief.

Secure Windows and Doors:

If you are a retail business you will probably want to attract potential customers as much as those who don‘t wish to pay. Gorgeous windows display during the day and covered at night with shutters or grilles. People window-shopping at night, are probably up to no good.

Control access to your property:

Not just the outside, but also the more sensitive areas will go a long way towards your security measures. If you know whom, is on site at any time of the day or night, you will be able to control losses. Barriers and grilles used on entry points at night, with automated versions, throughout the working day. Combining CCTV to date stamp and identify entrants to the property. You do not want to have to rely on a member of staff to lock up, so use automation to make sure.

Protect against Flooding:

Insurance can never fully replace the devastation and loss of trade that results. Flood barriers are becoming, more sophisticated and automated to give you peace of mind. Planning is the key to prevention and, by careful consideration of where potential flooding will occur, and utilising the right barrier; this will ensure you do not have to face the reality of water and sewage in your expensive machinery.

There are as many solutions to security, as there are properties. It is always best to speak to the professionals and have a bespoke package built around your needs.