Ten steps to better security

When you are securing your premises, there are some easy steps you can take to improve security. We give you ten of them.

  1. Get good locks and bolts

All your exterior doors and windows need good strong locks. Use five-lever mortice or deadbolts on doors. When you have roller shutters, consider a padlock in conjunction with any locking mechanism. If you have gates, make sure to have one bolt at the top and another at the bottom, that way if an intruder tries to reach over, they will not be able to unlock both.

  1. Change the Locks

Any time you take over the lease of a new building, the first thing is to get new locks, as you can never be sure who has copies of any keys.

  1. Control Key Access

Ensure you know who has copies of any keys and codes, if visitors need these, change them regularly. You could supply an ‘escort’ throughout the building in preference to handing keys over.

  1. Secure your Perimeter

Make sure your perimeter is completely secure; a locked gate is no security if there is a hole in the fence. Once you are sure the perimeter is secure, look to the next layer of security. An intruder should need to break through several effective and robust layers before he gets to the goal.

  1. Make Climbing Hard

Your would be intruder is often an accomplished climber, so make it harder for them by using anti-climb measures. Spikes are legal to use, and they are long lasting. Anti-climb paint is also effective. Remember to secure any access points on your roof.

  1. Use Light

External lighting, can be used to great effect, and can be both decorative and with security in mind. However, be sure that it is not in a position to aid the intruder, finding their way around.  Motion detection lighting can be a good deterrent. Be sure to install them out of reach and consider grilles to prevent vandalism.

  1. Use Mirrors

Security mirrors give you a much wider view, allowing you to see around corners and sometimes able to watch activity without being in view yourself. They can also assist safety around a factory or warehouse

  1. Utilise security personnel

Always consider hiring professional advice and guidance on security measures. A bespoke package should be affordable and on balance with the value of your assets. A professional will also be able to advice on latest gadgets and software

  1. Humans

Intruders rarely strike on occupied premises; people moving about are the biggest deterrent. Make sure your staff are inquisitive regarding new faces, though any challenge must be with another colleague as backup.

  1. Security education

Make sure your staff are aware of any security measures. Any changes should be updated and some retraining if required. Encourage them to utilise their instincts and report any suspicions before there is a breach.

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