Your Staff Can Assist In The Security Of Your Business

Your biggest security asset is your staff. If trained to understand the need for each security device you place on the premises and learn to assist in the security, then your risks will be minimal. As an employer, you do have to make sure to protect your staff, from crime and violence, as much as is possible. Here we shall also demonstrate ways in which they can assist in protecting your business.

Staff awareness

Making your staff aware of the systems in place to protect them and the building are very important to the overall security. It is important that staff know what they must do, if under attack, or, indeed, if needing to evacuate. For example, if they know where cameras are, then they could use this knowledge during an attack, to gain vital evidence.

Areas to consider

You must consider the following as times when to protect your staff and business.

  • Handling Money
  • Working at night
  • Working alone
  • Handling commercially sensitive information
  • Travelling to and from work, or on business.
  • Security of the premises themselves

Handling Money

This is probably the most obvious target and you could consider how banks protect their staff with barriers. If you do not want a physical barrier, you may consider an automatic one, tripped by a staff member.

Working at Night

Make sure the perimeter fence is clear of hiding places and well lit. Access points, should have barriers with coded entry.

Working alone

If a member of staff needs to work alone, you need to check that they have the means to contact others if in trouble.

Handling commercially sensitive information

The most lucrative attacks on a business come most often over the internet. Make sure to train your staff in IT security.

Travelling to and from work, or on business

Consider a policy to outline what happens if people have to work late, or out of town. Providing a mobile phone may be one measure you can take.

Security of the Premises itself

Make sure employees understand that they must check each visitor in and out of the premises.  You should be regularly changing passcodes and passwords to gain entry, and then employees need to be aware of the new access codes.

If taking in goods, they should get the identity of the delivery personnel. Likewise if delivering to a customer, always getting a receipt.

Let them know to challenge anyone on the premises for their identity and purpose if they are unsure. They should also understand that if they see or have evidence any suspicious activity that they can raise an alert.