Security And The Schools Duty Of Care


Schools today have so much to consider when it comes to the school security measures and policy. The head teacher, facilities team, governing body and LEA, all have their part to play in the process. Schools must look after the safety of the children within their care during the school day. Protecting them from intruders to the school and its grounds, and away from any danger that may be therein.  This is the ‘Duty of Care’. Once the children have left for the day, it is time to tighten up the security, in order to deter vandalism, theft or even arson attacks.


The perimeter of the school requires careful consideration, not only a secure fencing and barriers, but also effective access points for pupils and their approach to the school e.g. along a local path.  Visitors approaching from the car park would need steering towards the reception, in order to vet their reason for access.

Aesthetics will also come into consideration, as you are not planning to provide a prison-like experience for any parties, neither neighbours nor students. Choosing fencing with vandal resistance might help reduce street art adorning the neighbourhood.


Noise pollution is another consideration when choosing the fencing, one of the qualities of good fencing is sound reduction.  This has a two-way advantage, so that road and rail noise does not enter the classroom, and satisfy the neighbours that the noise of large volumes of students is kept to reasonable levels.

Safety is another big issue, when planning the fencing. There are countless rules and regulations for keeping children safe. Schools will be looking at the ROSPA, HSE and BS EN compliant products. These will be anti-climb and any gates, those that reduce the possibility of limb entrapment. As automated gates and barriers operate as machinery,  they also have their own set of regulations for use. We can advise on these products and their appropriate placement and use.

Security must also work in conjunction with fire alarms and so not hinder evacuation processes, which should still flow freely.

As you can see there are many things a school needs to look at, when just choosing fencing. If you would like more advice, please contact us.