Personnel vs Automation Systems, Which Do You Use

Consistency and reliability are the main points in favour of automation. However, rapid responses and quick decision-making are the two prominent reasons in favour of personnel. How do you decide, which of the two methods are right for your situation?

Employing personnel has been for a long time the traditional way of improving security, however with today’s technology, automated systems has become more intelligent and so more able to cope with the demands of securing premises.


Personnel security is the one area, in which having that human touch, is so very important, rapidly changing circumstances require quick thinking and appropriate response. How does that equate to business premises? Personnel can be useful for securing premises with ad hoc sweeps to check automated systems are still in operation. Also monitoring of cameras and checking logs.

Personnel do have their weak spots. They can make mistakes and human error is the main cause of breakdown in security. They also need holiday and time off when sick. That can mean requiring sufficient cover. They also require training and retraining, to ensure that capability is up to date.


Automated systems make sense when you are covering a building and its surroundings. Barriers on approach with entry key codes can ensure only those allowed access could enter. Grilles and bars on windows and doors will secure when building is not in use, overnight for example. These bollards are also a lot stronger and more resistant to attack. Our anti-terrorism barriers will deter a ram-raid style assault. Flooding is one type of security risk, that automated systems are the outright winners. These gates will ensure the protection of your business during the worst winter storms.

Automated systems cannot only save you money in terms of wages and insurance premiums, but also energy. Automated systems do still require maintenance and updating software or changing codes. However, downtime is short and alternative cover easily integrated.

The best security is often a mixture of automation and personnel.