Terrorist attacks, can we protect against them?

The attackers in the UK and Sweden have again both used a vehicle in a low-tech terrorist attack.  This heightens the need for anti-vehicular barriers and deterrents. Buildings are not always the initial target as they attempt to mow down as many civilians as they can, whilst heading for their objective. We also now see[…]

Your Staff Can Assist In The Security Of Your Business

Your biggest security asset is your staff. If trained to understand the need for each security device you place on the premises and learn to assist in the security, then your risks will be minimal. As an employer, you do have to make sure to protect your staff, from crime and violence, as much as[…]

Security And The Schools Duty Of Care

Schools Schools today have so much to consider when it comes to the school security measures and policy. The head teacher, facilities team, governing body and LEA, all have their part to play in the process. Schools must look after the safety of the children within their care during the school day. Protecting them from[…]

Ten steps to better security

When you are securing your premises, there are some easy steps you can take to improve security. We give you ten of them. Get good locks and bolts All your exterior doors and windows need good strong locks. Use five-lever mortice or deadbolts on doors. When you have roller shutters, consider a padlock in conjunction[…]

Personnel vs Automation Systems, Which Do You Use

Consistency and reliability are the main points in favour of automation. However, rapid responses and quick decision-making are the two prominent reasons in favour of personnel. How do you decide, which of the two methods are right for your situation? Employing personnel has been for a long time the traditional way of improving security, however[…]

Top tips to secure your premises

As a business, one of your top priorities will be to secure yourself and your property. A surprising number of crimes are offences against businesses; around 20% is the current figure. Our top tips for improving security would be: Use Lighting: External lighting can be used to great effect, and can be both decorative and with[…]