August 31, 2016


If you are looking for a high impact security solution, Automation & Security recommend their wide range of anti-terrorism perimeter security solutions, which are BSi PAS68 tested.


Retractable Barriers are a great way to protect the perimeter of any building and even a single bollard can guarantee protection. These come as either fixed bollards or retractable which can be activated as a result of power loss or in case of emergency. Bollards act a great way to block roads or sensitive areas from access.


For those properties which are at risk of ram raiding or terrorist threat via vehicles, crashed tested electric security gates are a great solution. These gates can quickly close into place and are made of materials that can withstand high impact even at high speeds. These gates can blend into your existing perimeter surroundings so the aesthetics of the property stay intact.


Automation & Security’s range of PA68 anti-terrorism barriers can withstand both low and high impact vehicle collisions. Suitable for car parks and sensitive areas, these rising arm barriers are built to withstand much different impacts than traditional barriers.

Documentation & Specifications

Please click on the images below to view or download our product data sheets.


BFT Bollards

Xpass B 275-800 Datasheet

Xpass B 275-800 Datasheet

Xpass B 1200c Datasheet

Xpass B 1200c Datasheet

Oak 800-4 Bollard Datasheet

Oak 800-4 Bollard Datasheet

Oak 1200 12 Bollard Datasheet

Oak 1200 12 Bollard