August 31, 2016

Access Control

Access control can act as an extra preventative measure to help control who has access to your property whether it’s your car park via electric gates, access to your building or pedestrian turnstiles, get in touch on 0191 456 3399

Automation & Security are experts in all modern access control solutions which can be broken down into three technologies: –

RFID (radio frequency identification):

These work on the principle of proximity door locks, which can be accessed via the use of a proximity card reader with key fobs and key cards.

Biometric Access Control Systems:

Where security is paramount in secure locations via either retina or fingerprint readers.

Access control card readers:

Using smart cards or swipe cards

Bespoke Access Control Solutions

Whatever the needs or size of the business from single point access control solutions or hospitals which require, multi entry access control systems via a central monitoring stations we can help. Automation & Security’s experienced team will sit down with the client and offer a solution which is bespoke according to the client’s security system needs from automated gates to pedestrian turnstile systems for premises such as football stadiums or receptions.

Accredited Systems

Although the industry of access control technology is constantly evolving we stay on top of high-tech and at the forefront of security solutions. With over 15 years of experience in access control and fully accredited you can be rest assured you can expect the highest professionalism and standards.

Networked & PC Controlled Solutions

Automation & Security offer PC controlled solutions where you need multi access to your building from one central database of authorised contacts. Intuitive and intelligent access control software acts as the link from the card issuing system to a personal database, giving you full control of who can access your premises at any time. This allows the client to set up user roles and restricting access to only the people that need access to certain parts of the premises. Time & Attendance systems can also be installed for added security as well as photo id’s using fast “magicard” printers. This is hooked up to a web cam to allow instant card printing facilities, ideal for new starters. For those looking for a solution to run alongside their existing IT infrastructure, IP (Internet Protocol) access control solutions, not only take less time to install but can also run alongside existing office applications. For an extra layer of protection this can even work alongside CCTV systems to timestamp and record access as needed.

Whatever your access control needs get in touch now on 0191 4846 594

Our Work

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